5 Blogs to Visit for Women’s Spiritual Enlightenment


With the current improvement in technology, most people research and learn through the internet. This can be done using smartphones, PCs or any other gadget that can browse the internet. For a woman to understand more about life, family, work and God, she should be willing to read from time to time because it is the only way of improving. There are numerous blogs all over the internet offering a range of information from spiritual enlightenment to sex, work and family. Here are top 5 blogs to visit for women’s spiritual enlightenment:


  1. iBelieve.com


With about 19 posts per week, iBelieve.com is one of the best blogs you can visit every week to enlighten yourself. The blog offers devotions, inspiration and blogs to Christian women to help them get encouraged, have a stronger faith in God and relate to other women with real faith. As a result of its prolific posts, this blog has more than 1 million Facebook fans and more than five thousand Twitter followers.

  1. Women of Faith


This blog usually has at least one post per week on different topics. These posts may include women of faith celebrities post, laugh out loud humor, stories, music and rejuvenating worship. Life entails a lot of activities and as a woman, you need to learn about each aspect of life while still having a happy life. This blog will help you learn about life in general while still giving you online sources and information about women of faith who are successful in life. You can get motivated, challenged or even encouraged if you are going through a difficult time in life. This blog has more than 1.7 million followers on Facebook and more than one hundred and eight thousand Twitter followers.


  1. LifeWay Women


This blog was started around 2008 and it has more than one hundred and fifty thousand Facebook fans as well as more than fifty-eight thousand twitter followers. The blog mainly aims at reaching and growing women in Christ by providing biblical sources every week. In fact, the blog has at least 6 posts per week to teach women about the word of God and how to become better Christians. Also, LifeWay Women provides biblical solutions to individuals, churches and small groups with an aim to spread the gospel and help women know Jesus and seek His Kingdom. They encourage drinking water with lemon benefits


  1. True Woman


This blog is hosted by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth who is renowned for having a great passion for Christ and encouraging women. In her believe of a true woman, DeMoss believes that a true woman is not only willing but also serious and determined to reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to the whole world. The blog has about 5 posts per week on a range of topics but mostly it is on how to become better followers of Christ.


  1. Anne Graham Lotz – Angel Ministries


The blog offers free bible study resources, videos and devotionals to its followers. The blog is hosted by Anne Graham and it has about 7 posts per week on different life topics. You can also engage with other women who have similar experiences as you to improve your belief and understanding of the word of God.


If you are willing to grow spiritually, you have to relate to other people who have the same beliefs as you. When you interact with other people, you learn a lot thus helping you build your faith and trust in God. One of the ways to do this is by visiting spiritual blogs that offer relevant information.


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