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I’m going to purchase a small air compressor for our garage to use on the variety of projects that they come in handy for. From painting to blowing up tires they can be very useful. Air compressors are not new and most people have them. The type of compressor you need may at time depend on the size and use. As for me, I need to get a small air compressor that I can use and take along with me.  In this article, we are going to tell you the right compressor you should get for your job and some of the features to look at.



If you love pancakes, you might as well want to have a device that has the same shape. It has a pancake form that ensures stability. I’m talking about this device from Porter-Cable. This device is for people who want to have uninterrupted hours of operation. This device feature 150 psi max reservoir pressure keeps much air in the reservoir ensuring that it can run for long hours without you having to stop.

Included with this device is the oil-free pump that is long lasting and it ensures that you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues. Additionally, the air compressor comes a low-amp motor of 120-volt starts effortlessly in chilly weather. You can also start it using the extension thread. The compressor has quick recovery time because it has 2.6 SCFM, 90 psi. Investing in this machine is the best thing you can do.


  • It has quick recovery time
  • It is not expensive to maintain since it is maintenance free
  • The machine is durable
  • The air compress is long lasting
  • The pump is durable
  • It is ideal for firing nailers and inflating tires
  • It is portable thanks to its size
  • It can start quickly even during the cold weather and thus you don’t have to- worry
  • The pump is durable
  • The critical components are protected by a console cover.
  • It is user-friendly
  • This air compressor is small yet powerful


  • It is not good for industrial use

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D55140 by DEWALT

D55140 by DEWALT

We live in our world where people don’t need disturbance. If this is you, you have found the best air compressor that operates quietly. It comes with a pump that is oil-free and durable. The control board and the roll cage offer safeguarding to major components of the compressor. Not only that but it comes with ball tap drain that permits fast and careful reservoir draining.  When you look at this device, it was made with you in mind. It is designed to meet your storage needs with a handy thread wrap that makes it easy to store.

The high flow regulator that accompanies this machine ensures that you get improved. Furthermore, the air compressor comes with a 2.6-amp motor that allows for effortless startup and lowered breaker tipping. I cannot forget to mention the turn over the cage and the complete-protection casing designed to protect the component from the usual wear and tear as well as unintentional damage. This ensures that your device lasts longer enabling you to get value for your cash. It is among the best small air compressors.



  • The air compressor is lightweight
  • This gives off less noise
  • It is easy to store
  • Transporting this machine is easy since it is lightweight
  • The oil-free pump helps to keep your work area clean
  • The major components of the air compressor are protected by a cover
  • The air compressor is ideal for woodworkers and carpenters
  • It is user-friendly and thus ensures that even if you are a beginner you can still use it like a pro


  • Check the regulator carefully before making a purchase because it may be faulty.



Most of the time, we look at the size of an item and presume that it would not handle the job that we want to purchase it to do. But that is not the case when it comes to air compressors. While the air compressor may be small in size, it would be powerful than the bigger one. It all depends on your work. Before purchasing your air compressor, ensure you know the type of work you intend to use it on. If you would be using it on the go, it is recommendable that you get a small and portable air compressor.